God’s Jewel for My Crown Part 2: How I knew he was the One

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him! Psalm 34:8 (NLT)

Our First Date – After several conversations, we finally decided to set up our first in-person meeting. Both of us wanted it to be special. We chose to meet at a public place that usually has lots of people around. We walked around holding hands and talking for hours. When it began to rain, we went inside a frozen yogurt spot but opted for hot chocolate. When that place got crowded and we realized we had been together at least four hours, he walked me to my car. After that we didn’t part ways but ended up talking for at least another three hours.

One year later, we started our journey as husband and wife in a private ceremony at the place where we had our first date. It was just us, our Pastor, my mother and his father. We planned to have a wedding celebration on March 28, 2020. However, we’ve had to reschedule everything due to the unforeseen circumstances and state of the world right now (COVID-19). With all the chaos going on I would like to give you something to smile about. I would like to introduce you all to the Mr. and Mrs. Thank God we were obedient and did things our way. Nothing could have prepared us for a national emergency within the first three months of our marriage and two weeks before our planned wedding celebration. Beyond that we are in prayer for our families, friends, nation, and the world during this time. Please be safe you all!

Our Private Ceremony in December of 2019

Our Private Ceremony in December of 2019

In my last blog, we discussed how I met my husband. This time around I would like to tell you how I knew he was the one for me. In my last blog, I stressed the importance of being busy waiting. Meaning actively seeking the purposes and plans God has for your life as oppose to waiting around to be found by your husband. One of the requirements for walking in purpose is having a relationship with God. When I met my husband, I was already in deep relationship with God. I knew God’s voice. I knew what the presence of God felt like and I valued it. That being said, any young man that was going to be a part of my life could not disrupt the presence of God in my life. READ THAT AGAIN!

Throughout our courtship, even from the very beginning, there were many signs from the Lord that He put us together. For instance, the first question my husband asked me once we were connected on the online dating app was “what are you looking for or trying to accomplish on here?”

This was a cue that he was about his business and wasn’t trying to waste my time. You see, prior to meeting him I had asked every guy that question first. Sometimes it got awkward especially when the guy was trying to waste my time or run game.

There are so many reasons I knew my husband was the one. However, I will not be sharing all of them. The reasons I do share I will give you a high-level view but there are some that I will have to give context to. The reason I decided to write in this way was because I don’t want to give you a seven-page long dissertation on our love. Full disclosure, the whole when you know you know thing is true. I have heard many people say that you “just know” when the person you’re dating is the one. Our love is truly a blessing from the Lord. Its not anything I can take credit for. I still don’t know how or why we were blessed in the way that we were with finding one another but I do know that God is good! The Lord put this together and He alone gets all the glory.

I knew my husband was the one because I have peace around him and feel the presence of God with him. I knew that he was God’s son not just by what he said but by his actions. When I met Greg, he had fruit on his tree. Greg is active in his community, at his church and has family that loves/respects him. I knew God loved him. I especially knew he belonged to God because God talked to me about him. I would hear so clearly in my spirit to “give him a chance” or “open up to him” and my favorite “you can trust him.” When God talked to me about him, he would also sometimes chastise me telling me to call him back and apologize if I had been rude, “you are not going to treat my son that way.” It was something else! God had never told me anything before when it came to a man outside of “stop talking to him.” I could tell God was fond of him. People in my life that loved me and knew God “liked” Greg before I could even fully tell them about him.

I knew my husband was the one because I felt safe with him. I was able to talk to him about any and everything. We were bare before one another from the very beginning. Not in a physical sense but we bared our souls to one another, and it wasn’t even scary because I knew he was the one. I knew my husband was the one because we were able to have open, honest and difficult conversations from the beginning.

I knew Greg was the one because we were in alignment as far as our values, goals and timeline. We had both been on a journey to purpose for the past three years before meeting. I knew my husband was the one because he wants to live for God.

I knew my husband was the one because I prayed about it and God answered with signs. I then prayed for more signs and God sent more signs.

I knew my husband was the one because his love reminded me of God’s love, it was pure.

Greg and I had become good friends in a short amount of time although we were dating. We were able to laugh and crack jokes. He is legit the homey. He has also always been a true friend. In times where I had to make life altering decisions Greg wanted what was best for me more than for me to be with him. I wanted the same for him. A wise man once told me if you can let a love go and you are NOT clawing, scheming, etc. to keep it close its likely a healthy love.

I knew Greg was the one for me because he was there for me in a way more than anyone had ever been there for me without me even having to ask. Sometimes people show up in your life but are they showing up for you when you need them? Or are they just showing up? READ THAT AGAIN! Sis, if you have to wonder whether you are a priority in a man’s life, he is not the one. Greg never made me wonder.

I knew my husband was the one because our love was tried and tested multiple times. We made it through the refining fire. We have been through some things together. I’ve witnessed him go through some things and he has seen me go through some things. It’s important for you to see how the person you are interested in responds to stress, drama, pain, anxiety, pressure, etc. Greg was a soulja when I needed him to be and I was the same for him.

Before meeting my husband, I had met other guys, but they weren’t it and I knew they weren’t it. My husband is the first man that the God in me had a positive response to (romantically speaking). My husband is more than I’ve ever asked or prayed for a blessing beyond my own imagination. God knew what I needed, and He blessed me beyond my wildest dreams! God has a sense of humor. Just as a bonus, God sent me a man that I would be physically attracted to. My husband favors, but looks better than, the man I put on my vision board in January of the year we met. You would be surprised the way that God answers your prayers. My husband is an answered prayer. God has truly blessed our love. We plan to continue to live in a way that honors God. What we have is for His glory. God will bless you too, but it won’t be for your glory. Dear single man or woman praying for your purpose mate, trust that the Lord God will bless you …but for His glory!



12 thoughts on “God’s Jewel for My Crown Part 2: How I knew he was the One

  1. Ese says:

    This is so beautiful, Niki. I loved the entirety of the post but this one sentence truly resonated with me:

    “ I knew my husband was the one because I have peace around him and feel the presence of God with him.” This was profound! With God, there is peace and for you to have felt that way around Greg, definitely meant God is with him. This was a truly beautiful post and I’m so happy you shared it with me. God bless you guys!

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  2. Marzetta Boger says:

    Greg you and Niki I really admire the way you
    all put God in your relationship and pray 🙏🙏🙏 much you all did This will help somebody that walking this journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Deena says:

    This is Great advice for those who are looking to find a soul mate ,as you have said through our you story
    Let God be your leader/ fo everything according to
    His will …congratulations on your found Love

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Joyce says:

    Sister Nikita, your expression of being in love with God and (Elder) Greg goes beyond what most couples can imagine. When you put God first, the rest speaks for itself.

    Liked by 1 person

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